Welcome to the 14th Congress of ECSVD in Helsinki, Finland.

After having been forced to live with practically no social contacts and without any scientific face-to-face meetings, we all desperately long for a real-life congress! Therefore we are delighted to warmly welcome you all to join us at the up-coming 14th Congress of the ECSVD!

The congress will take place during two-and-a-half-days, from 15th to 17th of June,  2023. The program will include topics such as aspects of vulvovaginal pain, sexual and psychosocial well-being, vaginal microbiome issues, dermatoses and cancer and more. And of course, the announcement of the Marjorie Ridely 2023 speaker. You will be hearing more of the scientific and social programs well in advance.

Helsinki is a beautiful modern city on the seashore, with almost 130 km of coastline. In Helsinki you will find beautiful architecture reaching from 17th century to very recent, famous, modern creations. With only a little more than 600000 inhabitants, Helsinki offers you a safe, peaceful city with a very lively city center. On top of that, we also have 60 nature conservation areas in Helsinki, which is quite a unique feature for a capital city! So, in addition to temptations of the congress scientific program, you will find lots of other amusements to enjoy.

In June Helsinki is at its best with the unique Midnight sun, that surely is worth experiencing once in a lifetime!

We warmly welcome you all to Helsinki!

Päivi Tommola, MDUlrika Heddini, MD
President ECSVD
President Congress 2023 
Secretary General ECSVD