Dear ECSVD members,Dear colleagues and friends!

We would like to extend a huge Thank you to all the lecturers, abstract presenters and participants at the 13th Congress of the ECSVD, 10-11 September! 

Your participation and contributions made it possible to fulfil the purpose of our College; to promote communication among medical professionals managing patients with vulval disease and to promote postgraduate education and research in the field of vulval disease, although the circumstances were not allowing a traditional meeting. 

We would also like to thank Prof Elmar Joura, for all his hard work as president to organise the congress and for re-thinking and adjusting the plans for the meeting enabling us to meet in spite of the current Covid-epidemic and thus becoming the first on-line president of our College.

Furthermore we are very happy to welcome our new president, Dr Päivi Tommola from Helsinki, Finland who will lead our College until our next congress which will be held in Helsinki, Finland, 15th – 17th of June 2023.

Our hope is that this congress will happen in real life. Although our recent on-line meeting was a great success we all need to meet each other face-to-face! Nevertheless, the current epidemic will still have some consequences for the upcoming meeting. Due to the situation, the ISSVD have decided to postpone their World Congress in Dublin from 2021 to 2022. To avoid two colliding vulvar congresses in the same year, very close to each other, the executive council of the ECSVD has decided to temporarily abandon the biannual meeting tradition and hold our next congress 2023. 

The reason for holding the meeting in June instead of September is one of the most exceptional things in Finland, namely the Midnight Sun, which really is worth experiencing! 

Last but not least we welcome our new president elect, prof Linn Woelber, from Hamburg-Eppendorf, Germany.

We hope to see you all in 2023!
Until then, take care!

Päivi TommolaUlrika Heddini
President ECSVDSecretary ECSVD