Invitation to Core outcome set (COS) development

Dear colleges,

Between meetings our society and members are not idle. We appreciate all the hard work being carried out all over Europe to the benefit of our patients. Please find below an urgent appeal for your contribution to improve recsearch on vulvodynia.

The Swedish health authority has started a project creating a “Core outcome set” to be used for future treatment studies for provoked vulvodynia. Creating a COS is crucial for improving the scientific quality of RCTs and other types of treatment studies. In order to succeed we need to establish a large stakeholder group taking part in voting on various outcomes (Delphi process) to establish a consensus. Therefore, we encourage members of the ECSVD to contribute with your opinion. Register your participation via the web site

As input from our patients is also warranted, please help us to spread this information among our patients. For more information, please see the flyer attached: