Programme 2014





08.30 Registration and coffee  
09.15 Welcome and tributes to Monique Pelisse and Mario Sideri Shireen Velangi
    Marc van Beurden

Sandra Ronger Savle


09.30 Vulvar disorders prevalence in a group of patients referring for colposcopy. R Mainini
09.45 Vulvar diseases in girls, diagnostic clues and therapy W Anemueller
10.00 Lichen sclerosus et atrophicus in monozygotic twins: a familial LS. CMR Fahy
10.15 Marjorie Ridley lecture

Pitfalls in the pathological diagnosis of vulval dermatoses

Dr Eduardo Calonje
11.00 COFFEE  
  SESSION 2 CHAIRS: Fabrizio Bogliatto, Joanne de Hullu


11.30 Effect of photodynamic therapy on subjective symptoms in vulvar lichen sclerosus N Hansen
11.45 Topical photodynamic treatment versus topical potent corticosteroid in genital erosive lichen planus in women: a randomised clinical trial Anne Lise Helgesen
12.00 Preclinical studies exploring the potential mechanism of action of (-)-Epigallocatechine-3-Gallate (EGCG) in the treatment of HPV associated proliferative disorders J Yap
12.15 Vulvar cancers in women with vulvar lichen planus B Eberz
12.30 Risk of second field tumours in women found to have associated lichen sclerosis when VSCC is diagnosed J Yap
12.45 Confocal microscopy and Mohs micrographic surgery in the management of vulval BCC N Almaani
13.00 LUNCH  
    Hazel Bell, Francoise Plantier
14.00 Serotonin receptor gene (5HT-2A) polymorphism is associated with provoked vestibulodynia and co-morbid symptoms of pain. U Heddini
14.15 Vestibulectomy long-term outcome in patients with provoked vestibulodynia J Moutinho
14.30 Hyaluronic acid injection as functional adjuvant therapy in menopausal vulvovaginal symptoms. Preliminary report. F Bogliatto
14.45 Reconstructive surgery for female genital mutilation Refaat Karim
15.15 TEA  
15.45 Professor’s Panel Micheline Moyal-Barracco, Dermatology


Marc van Beurden, Gynaecology


Raji Ganesan, Pathology

17.00 CLOSE  
19.00 Reception  
20.00 Congress dinner  




Friday 12th September 2013 – POST-GRADUATE COURSE


08.30 – 09.00 Registration and coffee  
    CHAIRS: Rainer Kuerzl, Fiona Lewis
09.00 The normal vulva Micheline Moyal-Barracco
09.30 Vulval anatomy Kavita Singh
09.50 Clinico – pathological co-operation Sophie Berville, Francoise Plantier
10.10 Eczema/psoriasis Cari Aplin
10.30 Topical treatment Annarosa Virgili
10.50 COFFEE  
    CHAIRS: Fabrizio Bogliatto, Veronique Julien
11.10 Lichen sclerosus Shireen Velangi
11.30 Lichen planus Fiona Lewis
11.50 Hidradenitis suppurativa/Crohn’s Nemesha Desai
12.10 Vulval ulceration Liz Derrick
12.30 Vulval pigmentation Sandra Ronger-Savle
12.50 Questions  
13.00 LUNCH  
    CHAIRS: Eva Rylander, Manon van Seters
14.00 Vulvodynia – classification and clinical features Fabrizio Bogliatto
14.15 Vulvodynia – aetiology and management Ulrika Johannesson
15.00 TEA  
    CHAIRS: Olle Frankman, Elisabet Nylander
15.20 VIN Marc van Beurden
15.40 Extra-mammary Paget’s Rainer Kuerzl
16.00 Vulval SCC David Luesley
16.30 Revision quiz  
17.30 – 18.30 Drinks reception  



Saturday 13th September


    CHAIR: Dr Shireen Velangi
09.00 Clinico-pathological cases  
10.15 Reconstructive surgery for the vulva Joris Hage
10.45 COFFEE  
11.15 Vulval adenosis : three cases following erosive conditions. F Plantier
11.30 A strange bartholinitis: 5 cases of anoperineal fistula (APF). S Berville
11.45 Vulval Crohn’s disease: a clinical study of 22 patients Z Laftah
12.00 General meeting  
  Close of meeting  
12.20 – 13.00 LUNCH